Chimpanzee tracking in Tanzania

Tracking chimpanzees in the very same forest where Jane Goodall has spent most of her life studying them (Gombe national park), has been one of the more interesting, fun and intense experiences of my life!

It was also very cheap, considering African prices: we were 3 and we rented a private boat for $100 from Kigoma to Gombe national park. The entrance fee to the park was $100 each, and $20 for the guide (we gave him 40 because we were extremely happy with the experience).

The only problem is to get there. It took us 2 days from Arusha to Kigoma… But it’s very well worth it because Kigoma is also amazing (lake Tanganyika). By the way, take the Arusha express, it’s really good: WiFi, USB sockets…