After the crazy week at the Carnaval in Rio I decided to stay one week in a quiet paradise-like beach town in Brazil, detoxing and relaxing. I opted for Buzios, 4 hours North of Rio because a friend that I met in Buenos Aires was going too and she said it was exactly what I needed. She was right. I’ve spent a week here, renting buggies, exploring the area (Cabo Frio, all the beaches in Buzios, etc), and most of the time just staying at the hostel, enjoying the swimming pool, reading, and preparing my come back. After 6 months of travelling, I needed a holiday from this holiday, and I got it. Batteries fully charged!



Carnaval 2015

I spent one week in Rio de Janeiro at the Carnaval, and even though I thought it was going to be epic, it ended up being not much more than a disappointment. I was expecting crazy parties all over Rio with people dancing all dressed up all over the place. I couldn’t be more wrong, it turned up to be just millions of drunk people wandering around with no music whatsoever!
Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time, but more because I was with friends and willing to do so. Prices go up to 3 times more than other times of the year and I reckon it’s not really worth it. The only thing that I loved was going to the Sambadrome on Monday (the best day, with the best schools), it surprised me how much fun I had just dancing as everybody else to the samba songs and loving the outfits, outstanding! That made me not regretting going to Rio during the Carnaval, but it’s once in a lifetime and never again. Just too many people, overpriced and overrated!