So the adventure begins, in the city where Mandela and Desmond Tutu fought Apartheid, and where Gandhi lived for 20 years and where he started his passive resistance campaign. The Soweto an Inner city tours are a must, so much history in the former and so many cool things to see in the later! Graffiti specially. You can tell how this city has been improving in the last 10 years from being a quite dangerous place to a vibrating and modern city, even though there is still much left to do. I stayed at Curiocity Backpacker’s hostel, which has been awarded with the best hostel in South Africa price, and I loved it!

One of the coolest things that I saw was this hidden book store which has more than 2 millions books! All scattered around everywhere.

They had books from the 16th century abandoned on the floor, and even an  mein kampf original!


Next stop? It looks like I’m gonna rent a car with two Chilean guys and a Dutch girl and we are going to head to Kruger National Park… Can’t wait to see the wild life!!



After the crazy week at the Carnaval in Rio I decided to stay one week in a quiet paradise-like beach town in Brazil, detoxing and relaxing. I opted for Buzios, 4 hours North of Rio because a friend that I met in Buenos Aires was going too and she said it was exactly what I needed. She was right. I’ve spent a week here, renting buggies, exploring the area (Cabo Frio, all the beaches in Buzios, etc), and most of the time just staying at the hostel, enjoying the swimming pool, reading, and preparing my come back. After 6 months of travelling, I needed a holiday from this holiday, and I got it. Batteries fully charged!